Friday, July 24, 2009

My Birthday Present...

Hello! I'm sorry I was away...I was in Virginia for a friend's wedding...a friend all the way back from Brownies!! What a treat it was to be with two of my oldest friends again! I "journaled" my trip through ATC cards and will share soon. For now, look at the class I just signed up for! It is an early birthday's really on the 3rd, but there is an earlybird special. :) Gritty Jane is going to share her wisdom! I am excited to learn about shading, adding depth and shape to my faces, and applying it to my own style. Maybe I'll even conquer painting a nose! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 06, 2009

It's a Mad, Mad, World....

Hello! :) I hope you are all recovering from the holiday weekend! We hung out at my mom makes a great sloppy joe! :) I'm so lucky in that they are my parents, but also my friends too. :) How was your holiday?!

A big thanks to all who came to our Mad Hatter Tea was so great to have you! :) This painting of Alice is *finally* up on ebay...I'm hoping to have the story doll finished soon as well.

Last night while I was reheating said sloppy joes, I heard a song that gave me an idea for a painting. More like the idea slapped me on the head and screamed, "Paint Me!" I love that! I've got some things to do first, but I can't wait to get to it! :)

This painting is also hanging out on ebay. She was one of those, end of the day, everyone's asleep, just have to create SoMeThInG kind of paintings. Those are don't think ahead, you just start grabbing and glueing and smush paint around. This is my first time piecing the background together...I think I might just be hooked. :) The blues are mostly scraps of wallpaper that I use to package my prints, with bits of sewing from when I make them envelopes. The pink floral is from a past painting and the bottom was the ringmaster's hat from the circus video. I loved the way the paint went over the embossed pattern...that is definitely my kind of fun! Oh! And this painting is sealed with beeswax too...another new favorite...I love the feel of the wax over all the pieces, threads...

It's fitting that this painting was a combination of all things "These Are the Days" and the quote about friends. I'm grateful for your visits and support and definitely consider you my friend. :)

Thank you for that!

Oh! And the winner of the Alice in Wonderland tassle is.....Tumbleweed Trails! Email me girlie! :)