Friday, May 21, 2010

Garden Delights

Hello! I've posted two paintings for this challenge! It was really fun and in a totally unintentional way. When I wrote down the theme, I accidentally left out the "de" in delights. I kind of liked that...without light, sunlight anyway. :)

So I have some bugs getting their groove on at a twilight garden party and a garden statue angel hit by moonlight. Moonlight is one of my favorite things. I used to love going to sleep at night as a kid just watching the moon shine it's light through my window. :)

I managed to put three other ones up too...trying to catch up. :) You can find them here. Do a search for PWGL and you will find more.

Goodnight all! Hope you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of that moonlight!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Little Treasury Told Me...

So here I was trying to think of a witty way to tell you the results of my latest ultrasound, when I got an email saying I had been included in an Etsy Treasury! The title? LOL No joke- "A Boy or a Girl?" Click here to check it out. :)

The answer to that question? A GIRL!!! How cute is that? It will be fun when they are all grown up, in each other's weddings, being wonderful aunts to each other's babies! We are looking forward to meeting her! So far she seems to be wanting a gymnastics career and is tumbling around like crazy!

I'm thinking of starting an all girl band...possible names...Lillian and the Shortcakes or the Strawberry Shortcake Trio...this one is bound to be a redhead too, right? :)

In other news, I've spent the ENTIRE day making a video for a family member...I don't know how that happens...I TRY to do it quickly, but it takes forever! Anyone know of a great editing program? So far, Windows Movie Maker and FlipShare are about the same speed. Or maybe it's just me. :o

I hope you all have a day that is full of sugar and spice, and everything nice! I know we will! :)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day!
-To my Mom, who's also my best friend! Thank you for the daily talks, wisdom and insights, and even the wake up calls that help me improve my own parenting skills. :) Thank you for always giving me a creative outlet...right from the start. For showing me that it is not scary to paint or create, but fun!

-To my Mother-In-Law, for always being so nice and a special friend! I am very lucky to have a MIL like you!

-To Dave's Grandmother and Aunt, for being so sweet and encouraging to all the Wright girls! :)

-To my fabulous know you rock! And not just because you bring me the BEST apple bread when I'm pregnant! ;) You are such a source of joy for my two little redhead beauties! They have the best aunt ever and they know it!

-To my blog friends, local friends and friends far away...Happy Mother's Day to you too! Even if you are not a Mom, you can still make a difference in a child's life...and that is worth celebrating too!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Six Months Ago...

I decided to take a leap... a risk...just for the sake of taking advantage of every little moment...

Well, that leap led to a big surprise and my face pretty much looked like this for the rest of the day! There was also lots of screaming and grabbing my head in disbelief!

I was told it would be a while before anything would actually happen. All the while I kept wondering, "Was it real, or just a dream?" as well as the imfamous, "Are they going to come to their senses and change their mind?"

Until one day, after opening the mailbox, I felt like this...

Now, I just can't help but smile when I think of it...
So what's the fuss all about?!

My Alice doll is one of the features in the latest Art Doll Quarterly!!!
The whole experience was just so much fun, from the beginning to the end. Making her, lol, make that figuring OUT how to make her, selling her, meeting Suzan and corresponding with her while we repaired her from her fall. From being nervous about sending my submission off and feeling like I won the lottery when Jana told me they wanted an article about her, writing my first ever article outside of school, to having her show up in the mail, glossy photos and all, it has been a blast! :)

I hope you get a chance to pick up a copy- there are some crazy cool dolls in there- including art dolls that move!

Can you believe it?! I'm still wrapping my head around it! Thank you for giving me such happy moments! Your visits mean the world to me! It also wouldn't have happened without the lovely and helpful editor of ADQ, Jana Holstein, and Suzan, Alice's sweet and VERY funny owner, who actually drove Alice over to Stampington herself and gave her up for several months just so she could have her photo shoot!

If you are visiting me for the first time, WELCOME!! Be sure to check out Alice's original post, the one about her latest fall down the rabbit hole, and the cream pie fight, I mean video I made about my adventures in Wonderland!
Hugs to all...I'm off to my next adventure! In celebration, nothing but painting, smushing clay, and playing for the rest of the week! Woohoo!
With gratitude,