Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bring Out Your Rags!

My Dad sometimes tells me what life was like for him as a child- I love it when he does that. They were simpler times -milk men coming to the door, magnifying glasses on the television screen (if you were lucky enough to have one) and the rag man walking down the street yelling, "Bring out your rags!"

He was born from a generation that had everything, lost it, and made use of every last bit of what was left. Like that storybook where the man's coat went through several stages of life before becoming a tie. In my father's time, flour sacks became dresses. Dresses became purses. Purses became quilts. You used what you had.

I have always been so drawn to that- that one old thing can become a new one. That's why my supplies look like they came more from the recycling bin than from an art supply store. That's also why my husband gets in trouble for throwing it out by mistake! lol

One of my favorite projects from my father's time are rag rugs. My grandmother used to make them for her kitchen. Can't make one though! It always curves up like a bowl and doesn't want to lay flat. I will master it one day! In the meantime, I'm enjoying all the ragballs I've been making. They would wind these up until they had enough for a rug. The Edgar set has found a new home so now these are on my kitchen table:

(Click on photo for listing and more photos)

I quilted the embellishments using free motion embroidery. So much fun!

I couldn't help but think that the message to fly, tweet, and soar is one that I want to instill in my girls. Just as long as those tweets are positive ones and not them squawking at each other like they have been lately! Good grief!

So, here's to simpler times and enjoying every bit of what we are given!

What's your favorite simple moment? I hope you make time for it today!