Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter and We Have a Winner!


I hope you all had a fabulous Easter! The girls had a lot of fun and we relaxed for the rest of the day. Madeline would pick up two eggs, and drop them when she saw more. She was SO excited! Lil enjoyed the treasure hunt the Easter bunny leaves for her every year...the prize? A Hannah Montana Musical pen~!


Onto the giveaway! I'm sorry I didn't get to post this yesterday. We did do the drawing yesterday- with the help of Madeline and my wonderful niece, Kandace. Mixing them up...


And the winner of my Bloom Where You're Planted and Bluebird is ... Thank you Madeline!




Thank you to those of you that entered! It was fun doing my first giveaway! Carmen, please email me your mailing address. I believe you can do that by going to my profile. Thanks everyone!

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow, Madeline had her first birthday party!


Oh my baby...she's growing up! I know everyone says this but it went so fast! Makes the moment bittersweet, you know? She had a wizard of oz party, small, some family, some friends, lots of fun! We spent the whole week building a puppet stage and rehearsing with the cousins, good times :) I had bought the rag dolls for her off of ebay a long time ago and they were the perfect puppets.


These are things I made for her room...that is a real clock! Can you guess what it is made of?


There is a diploma too, but not finished. If you guessed paper clay, you are right!


Here is Grammie and Madeline Mae, just before the show starts. She hung in there for all but the last ten minutes...pointing at the dolls, talking to them. She loves puppets!


And bubbles....


Don't we all love bubbles? Glinda bubbles that is? :)


Madeline became curious and wanted to see just who was behind that green curtain. Why it's the cousins! Not to mention, a fun microphone too! She sang along. :)


This was NOT the original was supposed to be oz, yellow brick road, and poppies. It was a pineapple, and she didn't know what poppies were. Good thing I had the mini ruby slippers on a paperclay brick or else you would think it was the 4th of July!


These were the favors...bluebird sachets. I am throwing on into the giveaway! A little present from my baby....


She is still a baby, right?

Art on Your Back


These are some of the kids I teach during Art Masterpiece. I have had so much fun with this! Here they are learning what it was like for Michelangelo to paint on ceilings. They all said it was hard, but that they wouldn't mind doing it for four years straight like he did!


I got under the table and drew a picture too. This resulted in a ton of giggles. I love these kids so much...they are great kids. Plus, I get so many hugs when I visit them. :)


This was from the week assisted self portrait using strokes like Van Gogh. The yarn was supposed to fill the background in swirls and things, but they all had their own take on it...good for them!


This is Maddie enjoying the swing for the first time! I don't have a picture from yesterday's lesson, but they listened to a classical musical piece for inspiration for a watercolor. My favorites?

"Worm people climbing up a flower"

"A monster trying to take the colors of a rainbow. Thankfully, the castle is sucking them in!"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh Happy Day!~


Today is our wedding anniversary! Well, actually it is our dating anniversary too! 8 years married, 14 years together. Woohoo! I LOVE him! :)


I made this up one night and wanted to do a giveaway with it. Now I have an occasion! It is 4x4 approximately and the sides are painted my favorite dark brown. Please leave a comment to be entered. If you post about it on your blog, I'll enter you twice...just let me know you did! I'll draw the winner on March 26th. I'm excited to do my first giveaway! The scan is a bit lighter than in shines a really bright light on it when it scans. I hope you like it! :)

I would be more wordy, but I have to is my anniversary after all! :)



Thursday, March 13, 2008

May I Introduce Madame Bunny?

Okay, who else has wondered who decorates all those beautiful Easter eggs?

Well, for those of you who don't know, please allow me to introduce the Easter Bunny's better half, Madame Bunny!


While making my Bee Girl, Lillian suggested I make a Bunny one too. I wanted to show her tail, mainly because I'm so in love with my stash of's so soft and fine. A side pose and a carrot inspired dress, and she turned into quite the Victorian Lady, don't you think? She seems shy, and I began to think more about Madame Bunny and the life she lives.


The text reads:

"No one speaks much of Madame Bunny.

She lives in the shadows of her husband's limelight.

She minds this not and loves him truly.

She is the artist behind the eggs he scatters.

He thanks his beloved by leaving her the very first three eggs of Easter."

Madame Bunny is so proud of her husband and his thoughtful gift that she posed for a portrait to give as a gift to him. In the wee small hours of the morning, when he stops to take a rest, he pulls the portrait from his pocket to see what joy is waiting for him once he gets home.

Madame Bunny is available on ebay right now. :)

An award and a tag! Woohoo!~

Sweet Collen from Frostings and Sparkles gave me the You Make my Day Award!! Thank you Colleen!! Please check her out, you will get hooked like I am!

I pass this on to the the following blogs:

Please forgive me for not making my links all pretty...Maddie has become a permanent fixture on my lap with her other front tooth coming in! Typing with one hand over here! lol

I was tagged too! I look up to The Polka Dot Pixie SOOOO much! I was reading her blog long before I started blogging...and she lives in Arizona too! :)
Thank you for thinking of me! :)

So here are my things....

1. I can pick up an entire room with my feet. My husband thinks I am a freak, but I think it's pretty normal...isn't it? :)

2. I can't scream...when I try to, my volume goes down, not up. Another thing awesome guy thinks is funny. :)

3. I am known for telling long stories. You'd be better off watching the would be faster. I don't think I do it as much anymore, but still get teased for it.

4. I will stay up all night to make something just the way I want it. Except for cleaning...never seems to works for that!

5. I'm teaching Lil's kindergarten class art~! It's fun! Today, we are going to paint like Michelangelo...on our backs! Although I guess he stood too.

6. I saw Mickey Rooney!! He was going to do autographs, but was too tired. I did manage to get him to say hello to Lil though...the only one he spoke to...who can turn down a little girl in her ruby slippers? ;)

I better run or I'll be late for Art Masterpiece! Have a lovely day all! :)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A bit of Arizona spring for you all :)

There has been a call for Spring in Blogland. I've read it everywhere! You poor peeps! When we aren't sweating to death down here, it is spring the rest of the time. So from me to you, my dear friends, here are some signs of spring.

A flowering tree...


A lamb that was born right in front of our eyes!! Amazing!


TARTANIC!!! Yes, this means spring to us...we see them every year at the Ren Faire.

They are SOOO good, I can't even tell you! You can't be sad listening to their celtic music. I actually lost my voice cheering for them. They put on a great show! They are so friendly too! :)


Yes...these are barbarians head banging to Tartanic. It was a unique day. :)

I put this up on flickr to post here and immediately got a comment...but it's in German or something. lol There was an Irish dancer who jumped out of the crowd and started dancing. Just a regular member of the audience like us, but the music moved her to dance...she was incredible! I didn't know feet could move that fast!~


Okay, this is not spring, but this is what has kept me from posting lately. I hosted that Star Wars party I mentioned before...don't they all look like little Annakins? So cute! They were a great bunch of kids and so brave too! (We had a live bug game!) Who's the handsome Jedi Master giving them saber training? Why, that's Awesome Guy!! He was a dear to help me out... I guess a Genie isn't a credible as a Jedi Master when it comes to Jedi Training! :)


Afer a long week, Lillian and I relaxed to a nice art day! That is her Singer...cute huh? I taught her how to use it while I finished my Bunny Girl.

I know! Can you believe it? I can't! I thought I'd be drowning in Star Wars props forever! She is done, though, and I will post about her next. Along with a response to an award and a tag!

Just didn't want you thinking that I jumped off the face of the earth! :)

Have a lovely night all! :)