Monday, November 24, 2008

I Heart the Muppets!

Ready for a good laugh? These three are my favorite! I love this...especially Beaker's solo. Couldn't wait until March to share...may the luck of the Irish be with you! :)

*Update- There is something going on today with embedded videos. So I took this out, but you can safely view it on youtube here.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sheez! It's been over two weeks! Where have I been hiding?
At a birthday party...
At a GrEaT cafe with some even GrEaTeR friends...and no kiddos to watch either!
(Thanks Mom!)
In the teacher's lounge for Teacher Appreciation Day...
Co-leading Lillian's Daisy Troop...she was even in a parade...
Hosting a diva party for 7 year olds and other things...
I did manage to start this...
Get my hands on an oRiGiNaL Polka Dot Pixie...that I aDoRe!!!
(Thanks Jenny and Dani!)
P.S. You can see one of Dani's paintings in there too!
And paint this little angel! I think it's funny that she started out the editor of Woman's Day...a clipping from a magazine! tRy's fun! :)

Thank you to ALL who left great horse stories on my last post! I tRuLy enjoyed reading them! I really like getting to know you!

Maybe you could tell me more...what's your guilty pleasure? The thing you do when you decide to take a moment for yourself?

Mine would have to be reading all your blogs...I tried to explain it to Awesome Guy as "the best magazine I've ever read!"

Tell me and then go do your one know what they have to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of others! :)

Til next time!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Now I Miss Riding Horses!

Here is the painting I did last night...little cloudy cause it is still drying. SO tired! lol

My first time riding a horse ever was on a beautiful beach in South Padre at 15. I fell in LOVE! Can you imagine? Galloping through the surf? I could have rode FOREVER!

When Awesome Guy and I first started dating, I wanted to take him riding. I requested a horse that I knew and wanted the old one for him since it was his first time. They switched us by accident and said they would switch us again if there was a problem. Well there WAS a problem. Mine was so old that he kept going straight to the barn...Awesome Guy's horse was so feisty that his first 10 seconds on a horse included a jump over a ditch!

He seemed to be doing okay after that, but I changed to a GORGEOUS Arabian that was very easy to handle. I told Awesome Guy to follow me to the corral to do some laps, and off I went. Where was Awesome Guy? I turned around.

His horse was running off into a meadow...with only his saddle! I look back to see Awesome Guy brushing himself off. When he saw me, he quickly put his hands on his hips in a sort of superhero way. I ran over to him...concerned that he fell, but also laughing because of the way he was trying not to appear less cool for having done it. (We were only 17 by the way!)

He proceeds to tell me that he jumped off the horse ON PURPOSE because the horse took him into a tree. Uh huh. Right. We tried to get him back on, but there was no way.

He's working overtime this morning. I told him how now I miss riding horses...he quickly said..."I don't!" lol Gotta love him! :)

Your turn? What's your horse story? Or boyfriend/husband saving face story? Should be good for some laughs!

So Much to Catch You Up On! :)

Hello All! :) I'm up SuPeR late again and wanted to end the night by sending you all an update! I hope you all enjoyed your night of dress up! Halloween was of the best! Here we are with what we like to call, The Cousins. A collective group that is as tight as a wool sweater washed in hot water! We go trick or treating with them as a family every year. One of my nephews, the charming chatterbox, was so excited in a story he was telling me as he was walking backwards, that he walked right into a parked car! It was hilarious! It almost didn't happen this year, but we sure were happy to run into them and so were they! We had a great time! :)

Here's my little Judy Garland fan! We even play her music in the car at Lil's request. She LOVES the trolley song!

We had Maddie all set to trick or treat as a Lady Pirate Captain! She was saying Arg!, looking for treasure, trick or treat, and thank you...until we starting ringing doorbells. Then she only gathered up her courage right as we were leaving and would shout "Thank You" and "I love you!" This one SWEET lady kept yelling it back to her until we were off the driveway! It's nice to know that even though there are grumps in this world, there are nice people too! I bet you she blogs! :)
Lillian also had her birthday! My little girl is SEVEN!!!! It was during fall break so we did something every day, but on her actual birthday we took her to Organ Stop...they play a beautiful organ with lots of special is SO much fun!

Here she is with her friends from school celebrating her birthday- they saw HSM 3. I so very happy with the friends she's made...I mean look at the personality on these girls! Such cute little sweeties! We had glow in the dark goodies for in the theater and pom poms to use when dancing along with the songs...they had a great girls day!
Here's a video from dinner last night. Maddie surprised us with this...we didn't know she could do this! Once we clapped for her, she wanted to do it over and over and over. lol

Lil has a birthday party tomorrow and the birthday girl loves horses! She has the prettiest brown, long, curly hair too so you know I HAD to do a painting of her with a horse! lol
Oh! I also got Lil some striped tights on clearance! She loves the stockings I sometimes do on the girls, so I thought I could dress her up like one...a 3 d painting, right?! lol
I better go to bed before it is morning! Good night all!