Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Little by little...

Oh the cobwebs around here sure have built up! Sure has been quiet too. I've made up for all that silence at my house. Baby cries, giggles, and yes, even some words! Allie Beth turned one just a couple weeks ago and she is such a joy. See?

Growing ever so slowly more independent from her mother, I have been able to squeeze a couple hours here or there and make something. My nights are once again becoming my own and I'm trying to balance them so that I can create, but also have enough energy during the day.

I was in an local art show at the Sundust Gallery in July- first time ever for something like that. It was one of those "time to push myself" moments so that I could have the experience. It was great seeing my paintings on a gallery wall. My girls told me that my art was in a museum. lol One painting sold and I am still waiting to get paid. haha I saw it sitting in the office waiting to be packed up and I wanted so badly to know who bought it, where it was going to go, etc. That's one of the advantages to selling online. Sometimes I even get pictures of them on display- more fun that way!

I have a few things that are practically finished and a couple that actually are! lol In an effort to address my fabric stash (exact size unknown as it is hidden all over the house!), I made this themed rag ball set just in time for Halloween.

You can click on the picture to go to the listing. More pictures too.

Thanks for sticking around and waiting for my little Allie to not need me so much. She's my last baby, and along with juggling my 2 redhead beauties, the break from art was just what we all needed. <3