Friday, January 30, 2009

Right Now...

Right now the girls are asleep.

Right now Awesome Guy is snoozing.

Right now even my Boston Terrier is snoring.

Right now I have tea brewing...English drink and also a little to dye some lace and muslin...
Right now I'm getting out a hammer, nail, wire and beads...

Right now I'm listening to Erica's playlist because she said it is great. And it is. Is your playlist great? Tell me and I'll listen to it during my next "right now."

Right now is my distractions, no lovable little girl in my lap, no phone ringing or door knocking.

Are you up right now? Stealing a moment away from slumber to create? Tell me...I'll pour you a cup of you are.

Enjoy your right now...maybe this will help.

Horoscopes & Swaps

So there is a horoscope on my home page and it actually told me to check my blogs...see? :)
"Leo (7/23-8/22)

If you can, try to surround yourself with people who are down to earth and grounded today. These people have the kind of focus you need right now -- they can teach you something new about how to appreciate the smaller things in life and have a good time doing anything. These mellow types of people have a lot of contentedness in their life, and you could learn a lot from them."

Okay, okay...don't have to tell me twice! :) Hugs to all my blogging friends!

I've joined two swaps that should be a load of fun. First up is Little Tokens of Love Swap from Prim & partner is the Yester fitting is that?!

The next one is still open if you want to join is super cute because you have to hunt down your eggs to see who gave it to you! Kind of a Secret Easter hop from blog to blog until you find the egg that was sent to you...and in turn find some great new ones! Presented by Viv on a Whim

Okay...I'm off to do what my horoscope says to do! Sure there is laundry to be done, but why mess with the universe? :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Won Lisa's Giveaway!!

If you read my blog, you all know that I'm a huge fan of Lisa Lectura. How lucky was I to win 2nd place in her first ever giveaway?! We went out of town and the night I came back, I checked out Mystele's blog and saw that she had one 1st place...congrats Mystele!
I was so excited to think that it might have come while I was away that I went outside in my pajamas at MIDNIGHT to check my mail. My ornament had arrived! I can't even explain how beautiful this is and I KNOW how much work went into it. The print on the fabric is so colorful and the stitchery is PERFECT! I looked at it forever, flipping it over, looking at every bead, sequin, and stitch. And the felt is scalloped, again, PERFECTLY. I have no idea how she did that, but WOW! I love the colors combination too. I was simply blown away!

Mystele did a video to thank her and I thought I'd do the same. I thought I'd let you see Madeline's reaction to it since she is way cuter than I am!

It's now hanging up next to the other blog art I have collected...I love it so much! Thank you Lisa! I am forever grateful for such a treasure!

I totally believe in paying forward, so look for a giveaway from me. A few actually...but you'll see soon!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Different Kind of Post

I've been on an adventure...did you know? Not an adventure I planned, but one I've taken nonetheless. During this adventure, there were moments of victory and hidden pitfalls that slowed me down. It may have taken more effort than it should fact, it definitely did. In the end, it's those moments of victory that matter most. Like having a healthy Awesome Guy and two little redhead beauties.
Like dressing those little redhead beauties in embellished outfits...a bit of embroidery and a vintage linen tea towel.

And letting them know that any time is a good time to wear a fancy hat.
Like having such good friends that not only understand this principle, but can also share two of the most enjoyable hours with you among old and dusty treasures.
And teaching these fairly new treasures, that no matter what, every girl deserves to be treated like a princess.
We are all on adventures. Sure, there are pitfalls. Sometimes they are hidden and surprise you completely. Don't let them stop never know what victorious moment is just ahead. With moments like that, surely there must be angels among us. :)

What's your latest moment of victory?