Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wanted to Share...

This is by Pam Warden...I love her sense of humor! Love this!! She gave me permission to share this with you. You can check out more by going to her blog. :)

Have a great day! I'm off to feed my sick girls...poor babies!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Uh oh! It's an Art Emergency!

DEE doo DEE doo DEE... make way!

Look what arrived in my mailbox! I could hear the sirens from inside my house! Unfortunately, this was a box I was expecting, but definitely not all painted up like this! This lady rocks, I have to say...and she even included some blooming tea for her plastic surgeon! Thank you Suzan!
You see, Alice arrived at her new home in California. She was all packed up ever so carefully in a excessively painted box. Her new owner was very happy to have it until someone she knew dropped it from her hands and well...let's just say that the Queen appeared to have gotten her wish for Alice after all! Oh my!

Thankfully, Alice was able to be saved! Here she is in the operating room...she asks that you please pardon her current condition. Her collar was all cracked and her nose and forehead were broken. She is now making a speedy recovery.

Here is another WIP...does he look familar? ;) I will give you a hint...he has a girlfriend...who lives in New Jersey!

This is the top of an old trunk I found. It has embossed metal on it and it felt very Henry VIII to me. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that my husband was sick for his birthday and we spent it having a Tudor marathon! So here is my Anne Boleyn...
That's it for today girls! Have a great night! :)

P.S. What did YOU make today? Tell me and I will come see! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I've been having a "wicked" time...

Hello my pretties! :)

Here's hoping you are all having a great weekend! :) I've been so exicted for Halloween...been making all kinds of creatures. Even my hubby has gotten in on the act! He drew me a sketch and I can't WAIT to make it!

For now, though, I have a bunch of witch items all finished up and ready to go to new homes. Can you tell I'm reading "Wicked?" LOL

They are already up on ebay and etsy with ooodles of pictures...feel free to fly on over to check them out! I had a great time coming up with the descriptions...especially on the sisters...so I hope you'll at least go for the read and a good chuckle. ;)

In all the excitement, we made a video for you too! Come see how witches get their supplies...over at Potions & Cackles...your everyday store for things so very NOT everyday!

Have a mAgIcAl day! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Poll: Who is your favorite doer of the week?

Poll: Who is your favorite doer of the week?

One of our very own...Johanna Parker, has been picked by Martha Stewart for the Doer of the Week contest. Ten weeks, ten doers, and Johanna is one of them! Let's shoot her to the top...what do you say? After all, think of all the eye candy she has given us! :)

Thanks so much!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning...

Oh, I am sure that you know how it goes. The house starts to get quiet. You think to yourself, "I might get some time to paint tonight!" You put your family to bed. Oldest daughter, snoring. Youngest daughter, tucked in bed and watching a cartoon. Hubby already asleep. Yes!

You sneak downstairs. You think about what favorite music/movie you want playing while you have your time. My choice was an old black and white...surely AMC or TMC would deliver. Nope. The best I could get was Cleopatra...the Elizabeth Taylor one. I'll take it!

Then...all hope vanishes. Just as you get the primer on your surface, down comes hubby. The commotion of that makes Madeline curious and she's out of bed now too...into my paints and all excited. "Is it time to paint, Mommy?!" No Madeline...it's after 10 o'clock...back to bed....both of you!

Maddie is so excited that she can't sleep. I lay with her and hubby in our bed, hoping they both fall asleep before I do so I can sneak back downstairs to play.

Well friends...I made it! I will pay for it tomorrow I am sure. At first I was just going to paint until midnight, but I only got to start at 11pm instead of 10, so when I saw that it was 5 minutes past my deadline, I shrugged it off. How much longer would I be, anyway?

Yeah...okay, so now it is 2:15am!! I got lost...never looked up at the clock after that. I painted feathers...why would anyone ever think to look at the clock when they are painting feathers?! :)

I knew YOU would understand. And that is why I am staying up even later to share the result of that quiet place I snuck away to. Because you get it!

A while back, I posted this sketch on my facebook...I couldn't wait to paint her. She is a wallflower. A young woman at a ball in a Victorian Village who is too shy to dance. But oh, does she love to watch the taffeta and lace twirl this way and that. She is a Victorian Villager. More on that to come! Oh! And you must know...that after I took the photos, I realized that she didn't quite match my sketch. The girl in the sketch had hair more appropriate for a ball...a bit high. I like her better know...these people I create live in my "world," and in my world, no one has to have flat hair! Plus, it makes me want to go out and buy a bump-it!
That's all for now...when you are reading this, I will probably be sleeping in. That is, unless Madeline still wants to paint!

Thank you for your visit and sweet dreams!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation Part 2

Well, HELLLLLOOOO there! Madeline Mae here to give you the second and last part of what we did on our summer vacation! Mommy would be here to tell you herself- she feels bad for being away so long, but August was a crazy month for us! Lots of car repairs and a couple surgeries (Daddy and our puppy dog) kept her away from the 'puter. She did paint and squish stuff around a lot though...I know because I painted along with her. I LOVE painting.
She promises to show you all the little witches she's made soon! That's what I want to be for Halloween you know! Mommy said I could dress up as anything I want and people will give me CANDY...can you believe that?!
We took a very little trip to the beach! Since we are 6 hours away, we camped out nearby! I love tents...they are fun to run in and out of. Sissy even showed me how to play with her DS. I wanna be like her someday...
The beach is SO much fun! I only went to the water once...the waves were a little scary, but I did catch a couple of them. I kicked them and said, "Bad water, bad!" The rest of the day I played in the sand and all my toys with my friends, Katlind and Lucas. They are cool!
We went to Mission Beach...isn't it pretty?
Here is sissy with Kay Kay. I LOVE Kay Kay. Sissy is pretty cool too.
Mommy couldn't get over the sunset...it was SO pretty. It was her birthday and she was so happy to be there with Daddy, us, and her grown up friends Miss Holly and Mister Dan and their kids! They even brought dinner at the fire pit and a cake too! Thank you Miss Holly! It was yummy!
Mommy thought it couldn't get any prettier...until she saw THIS:
That wraps up our summer...onto this Halloween thing and lots of fall fun! Mommy promises the next posts will have lots of paintings and sculptures, and thrifty finds too! :)
What's your favorite beach story? What's the prettiest beach you've been to?
Have a good day! From Madeline Mae! :)