Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I Did Over My Summer Vacation...

May I introduce to you my favorite art project of the year?

I worked very hard on this little art doll!

Hours and hours of late nights and no sleep.
I carried her everywhere to keep her safe.
We seeked the advice of several experts to make sure she turned out just right.
And she did. You won't see her listed anywhere, we're keeping this one.
She's priceless.

Allison Elizabeth

September 8, 2010

12:19 pm

We are settled in- she is a very good baby- so much so that my little kitchen studio is busy again! Expect to see some Jack-o-lanterns glowing on these pages soon!
Hope you are enjoying these nice fall days! :)

P.S. She showers us in smiles now too! :)