Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music and umm...Bunnies?

Hey all! :) Thank you all for your comments and keeping up with me...I appreciate it! I've been doing a lot of reading, but as you can see not much posting. The stomach flu has hit our house once again...and once again everyone got it but me! I'm not way, but I think it sure was nice of someone not to let me catch it too so that I could take care of everyone else. When I'm sick, all my stuff still has to get done...I'm sure a lot of you KWIM :)

So before we head off to the Doctor's, I thought I'd show you some things I finished. I have some others that are in progress or need to be scanned, but sick babies come first. :)

First up is this little church covered in hymn sheet music. My favorite part about church is the music. I have even been places where you can hear it when you are outside of the building. All those voices, together...such a sweet sound. To be outside in nature and hear that is quite an experience. :) I thought it would be neat to cover a church in vintage make you think of the music you would hear if you were really there. I was at the Antique Plaza when an old hymnal caught my eye. I couldn't turn it down! It was fun placing the text so certain phrases show here or there.

I did this in honor of Earth Day and because I like coming up with new things to use to make armatures (sp?) Can you guess? The main form of this bunny is a very round light bulb! Yeah! I recycled! I was going to sell him, but then Lil asked me how to get on ebay so she could buy him with her change. I thought that was sweet and gave him to her. His ear is broken now, but hey, she is only six and I can always put some more paper clay over it...if I ever get the time. A played with bunny is a happy bunny! His cheeks and ears have that same soft glitter I love so much.

I know I am new to blogging, but I thought it would be fun to set up a SWAP. I have a TON of plastic easter eggs left over and want to recycle them into something non-Easterish. If you are interested in doing this with me, please comment here. If there is enough interest, I will make it official with a post. It would be really fun to see what you all come up with and I have a few ideas myself! :)


Jen r. said...

I love the church.. that is so creative! beautiful! Cute bunnies too! :)
Jen R

Nene said...

I absolutely love your Church with the Music sheets on it. Very unique!!


Jenn said...

Hi Mere! Thanks so much for your sweet message today!!! Your church is SO cool! I just love working with old book pages like that!! And your bunny is adooooorable:) Happy weekend to you!!!


Adriana Whitney said...

That church! I LOVE it.
My daughter always tells me the same about getting on ebay and buying things from me, awww. but I told her with the money I get selling my art I will buy her a swing set. Now everytime that we go out she advertise me. Talking to people we see and saying "my mom is an artist and you go to and buy her paintings" ha ha ha, she is so funny.
Blessings to your house.
Adri xoxo

Mica said...

cute bunny... The Church I LOVE !!! That is so nice !!! Mica

Lori Garbarino said...

I love the Church and Bunny's too! Well, I tried my hand at painting and Wooo WHee I had a ball come check it out!

Hope your having a great weekend~!


Colleen said...

ugh...the stomach flu. Hang in there!! Great Church...

Charmingdesigns said...

Your church is wonderful!! I would have never thought about about music to cover it. Your bunnies are adorable!! (baby too) Laurie

Ginger said...

Ohhh i loved that church too! Thumbs up !