Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cheyenne's Baby Bunny

I know, I Enough with the bunnies already! But doesn't this little cutie deserve a sweet little bunny?

My 4th niece was born just this last Saturday! She didn't give her mom any trouble at all and has beautiful dark brown hair. I can't wait to get to know her! :) When my sister had her shower, I came across the sweetest bunny. She was pale pink, with vintage floral for the inside of her ears, the pads of her feet, and a heart patch on her hip. All lovingly embroidered on with brown floss. I had to have her, well, Cheyenne did anyway. I loved her so much that I wanted to paint her. And here she is...

She is on ebay right now and the church is on etsy. My Alice in Wonderland is done too and I will post about that soon! I am SO excited about her!

So the other thing I wanted to share is my current adventure with paper mache. I am trying to make it from scratch. I bought a shredder and have bags and bags of shredded paper now...boy does it feel good to shred...I feel like I am decluttering my life! I put the shred in a blender I bought just for this project...added lots of warm water and waited a few hours. When I went back to blend it, my blender immediately started smoking! Why do all my appliances want to catch fire?! :) Before it died, it managed to blend some of the paper and I tried smushing it on a wine bottle. I added the salt and glue too.

I set it should be dry in a few hours thanks to the Arizona sun...100 degrees yesterday! The rest is soaking some more in hopes of softening it up. It's bumpier than I expected, but I guess I'm supposed to sand it? I guess I'm just so used to paper clay, but I used almost a whole pack on my first bunny...not very budget friendly. Thought I'd save it for the details... Any tips or advice would be appreciated!

Thanks from Mere and Madeline (who is asleep on my lap!)


tascha said...

OMG! What a sweet little baby!
I love your bunny painting too!

Pea said...

The best thing I can say is buy the paper cotton already chopped up or the paper mache. I too have tried to cut corner and in the end I ended with more mess, time and trouble then worth. The paper mache clay- paper pulp is alot for a few dollars and so easier to work with. If you must do it yourself I advise after you remove from blender add a tsp. of plaster powder. It help bond it more. Just a tsp does it.
Blesssing and luck,Pea

Pea said...

p.s. too cute baby. My neice just had her baby yesterday! A girl. I am a great Aunt again. That makes 4 girls and one boy!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Good morning!
What a gorgeous little one and yes, it does deserve a bunny!
Be blessed this day.