Thursday, October 16, 2008

In time for Halloween...

I wanted to share the last few items I can list that will be able to arrive before Halloween before Awesome Guy gets home. This season is going so fast! I am SO not done making Halloween goodies! I'm actually REALLY excited about my next one!

On ebay, I have a woodburned painting that has a rustic and vintage feel. I love the way the wood soaks the paint's almost like I have to scrub it in.

A little while back, I made this tin for Dani of Ambitions Designs. She's been so sweet and helpful to me, I wanted to thank her. If you haven't visited her blog yet, you are in for a treat! It's so good that I actually spent an evening and started reading at the very beginning!

I enjoyed making the tin so much that I made some to hold Halloween treats...they are on etsy. I wanted to make them look like they had been sitting in some haunted house somewhere. :0

Have a wonderful Thursday all! Enjoy THE OFFICE...last week was a great one! I have some neat videos to share with you next time!

Oh! And the girls' picked out their costumes...we'll have a Dorothy and a girly Pirate Captain! Madeline is practicing saying "Trick or Treat, " but it sounds more like "tweet tweet!


Sherry said...

Gorgeous tins Mere! And hey, "tweet tweet" will work--she'll be adorable! A Dorothy and a Pirate Captain...can't wait to see the photos!

Jenn said...

Your tins are so lovely Mere!! I bet Dani loved it:):) Your button girl is SO cute too! She matches my button mushrooms from sweet you!!!

~dani~ said...

I so totally love my tin and was SHOCKED when I received it as I can only imagine how much work went into it! You are a sweetie and have been since day one. I would enjoy watching you grow and try new things. You are quite talented my dear, I hope you know this!!! Mummy girl is coming along quite nicely. Wips are so fun. Glad you shared.