Sunday, November 02, 2008

Now I Miss Riding Horses!

Here is the painting I did last night...little cloudy cause it is still drying. SO tired! lol

My first time riding a horse ever was on a beautiful beach in South Padre at 15. I fell in LOVE! Can you imagine? Galloping through the surf? I could have rode FOREVER!

When Awesome Guy and I first started dating, I wanted to take him riding. I requested a horse that I knew and wanted the old one for him since it was his first time. They switched us by accident and said they would switch us again if there was a problem. Well there WAS a problem. Mine was so old that he kept going straight to the barn...Awesome Guy's horse was so feisty that his first 10 seconds on a horse included a jump over a ditch!

He seemed to be doing okay after that, but I changed to a GORGEOUS Arabian that was very easy to handle. I told Awesome Guy to follow me to the corral to do some laps, and off I went. Where was Awesome Guy? I turned around.

His horse was running off into a meadow...with only his saddle! I look back to see Awesome Guy brushing himself off. When he saw me, he quickly put his hands on his hips in a sort of superhero way. I ran over to him...concerned that he fell, but also laughing because of the way he was trying not to appear less cool for having done it. (We were only 17 by the way!)

He proceeds to tell me that he jumped off the horse ON PURPOSE because the horse took him into a tree. Uh huh. Right. We tried to get him back on, but there was no way.

He's working overtime this morning. I told him how now I miss riding horses...he quickly said..."I don't!" lol Gotta love him! :)

Your turn? What's your horse story? Or boyfriend/husband saving face story? Should be good for some laughs!


mystele said...

so lovely!!!

Jen r. said...

That's a great picture! It's so sweet!

Diane Duda said...

My sister was always the horse girl. she just loved them. We had one or two in our day. I would ride them, but was never quite comfortable with it. My dad keeps two horses on his farm, but no one ever rides them. The dogs sure do enjoy barking at them, though. (the horses secretly enjoy the attention too.) :)

Beautiful painting!

Fantastic Figments said...

that is such a cute story! Really really cute! I love the new piece sooo peacful!



Pease Porridge said...

Very cute painting! This would be perfect in a girl's room! What little girl does not love horses? I remember always wanting one. We would go once a year and it was always a little scary to see what kind of horse you would get, but sooo fun. I love your horse story. Very funny.

jillian said...

Ha ha! What a great story! Your painting is just wonderful!!!

Pease Porridge said...

You have been tagged! If you are not to busy come get the rules. :)


Dapoppins said...

I grew up with a horse named Moses. I miss him so much sometimes.

Great picture. said...

I miss having horses as pets, their necks are meant for putting your arms around. I love the way they smell and how warm and soft they are. I hope to buy a pony for my grandbaby when she is big enough, but really don't miss all the work and care that goes into keeping one. We had 5 at one time and on those below zero days, I really didn't enjoy going out to the barn!

Sandra Evertson said...

I Love it!
Sandra Evertson

NeereAnDear said...

Fab painting !!! I love how whimsical they are...

I too love horses but had the wrong person show me how to ride.... didnt give me much needed pointers when going up and down a hill... needless to say ... off the horse I came and walked up with the little fellow by my side


Azul Valentina said...

I love your artwork, the expressions, very beautiful and peaceful! I love big paintings!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh, husbands. :)

Ginger said...

Here my story went to college first day a guy stood up your name ginger? i said yes he said loud i have a horse named ginger:0).
Please drop by my blog as I have an award for you!
Congrats my friend!
hugs ginger

Anonymous said...

Love the girl with her horse. When we lived in Utah, I "had" a horse named Star. It was my dad's friends horse but he "gave" it to me. I used to ride him bareback. But one day he took off running right up to a hidden canyon ledge, apparently I screamed some not so nice words for a young lady and he halted. It was one of the scariest moments in my life sitting on the back of Star on the edge of that cliff. He got spooked somehow. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I did love my Star.

Heather said...

oh what a pretty painting! I love horses too but rarely get to ride (We're not all cowgirls in Ok, haha) When i was a kid i used to ride with friends and their son thought he was hot stuff (they did rodeos) he made me ride behind him and told me to never let go, no matter what. Well, we were riding over rough terrain and the horse slipped and i started to fall...dragging that cowboy down with me ;)

Azul Valentina said...


I have an award for you on my blog.