Saturday, August 15, 2009

What I Did Over My Summer Vacation, by The Victorian Lady Part 1

This is what I did on my summer vacation.... I flew across the country out of the desert and into the green. I appreciated every leaf and blade of was a drink for the eyes.
I met up with a wonderful friend and we drove to Virginia to see this wonderful friend get married. Guess what else? Her mom was my Brownie leader! :)
It was witnessed by this amazing and supportive family. My friend's road in life has been bumpy, and they were there for her at every mile, cheering her on.We stayed with another friend at her campground and were treated like Queens...thank you dear friend! :)
The next day we went to Williamsburg...we saw things like this apothecary...
The church of the presidents...
The garden of my dreams...
Lots of beautiful old treasures. The blacksmith shop actually had large spirals of metal that the huge trees had grown around, trapping them there forever. It was beautiful.
Then treats of all treats, look what was there that I had NO idea about:
!!!!!!!! Can you believe it??

I even took some video...just for you... Sorry it's not edited and snazzy, but the I think the beautiful paintings are enough. :)

Back in my hometown again...this was my great grandfathers Dad grew up there. It was a magical place next to Longwood Gardens where my great grandfather did all the beautiful water fountains. They would hold water shows where they would light the water different colors and make them go off to music...very enjoyable to watch! :) They still do them...if you are nearby, don't miss this massive garden delight!
The house is actually FOR SALE (I want it SO bad!) Even if it didn't have all kinds of family history, it is still my dream house. The lady who owns it actually let us in! We showed her where the laundry shoot was...she didn't even know it existed!
The above tombstone is for Dani. I've never seen another like it and know she'll appreciate it! :)
Just as I appreciate your visit! Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for part 2!


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What a lovely blog!

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loved the travel log...thank you for following me...hugs, rebecca