Thursday, September 24, 2009

Uh oh! It's an Art Emergency!

DEE doo DEE doo DEE... make way!

Look what arrived in my mailbox! I could hear the sirens from inside my house! Unfortunately, this was a box I was expecting, but definitely not all painted up like this! This lady rocks, I have to say...and she even included some blooming tea for her plastic surgeon! Thank you Suzan!
You see, Alice arrived at her new home in California. She was all packed up ever so carefully in a excessively painted box. Her new owner was very happy to have it until someone she knew dropped it from her hands and well...let's just say that the Queen appeared to have gotten her wish for Alice after all! Oh my!

Thankfully, Alice was able to be saved! Here she is in the operating room...she asks that you please pardon her current condition. Her collar was all cracked and her nose and forehead were broken. She is now making a speedy recovery.

Here is another WIP...does he look familar? ;) I will give you a hint...he has a girlfriend...who lives in New Jersey!

This is the top of an old trunk I found. It has embossed metal on it and it felt very Henry VIII to me. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that my husband was sick for his birthday and we spent it having a Tudor marathon! So here is my Anne Boleyn...
That's it for today girls! Have a great night! :)

P.S. What did YOU make today? Tell me and I will come see! :)


Jen R. said...

Hi Mere, I am doing a series on women who create and wonder if you would like to be a feature sometime. Just drop me an e-mail and let me know!

slommler said...

Come look at my baby dolls!! Tell me what you think!! Your work is wonderful. I also loved the art emergency box. That is so cool!!

gottalottaheart said...

Love your work!

gottalottaheart said...

Love your work!