Saturday, February 16, 2008

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood

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Happy Saturday! :)

I have a spa party today for 7 eight year old darlings. I'm going to paint 70 little toe and fingernails and they are going to make soap!

I still wanted to share something with you all today...this is an oldie. That is Lillian around 2 years old in her nursery. It was a Winnie the Pooh watercolor theme. That tree matches her comforter and was made out of muslin that we painted. The trunk is made of cylinders stuffed with polyfil. The tree leaves are the valance for the went all the way across the window. Each leaf was sewn, turned inside out, veins were sewed on, and then painted with watered down acrylics. We thought it would be a weekend project LOL. It took 6 months...every time someone came to meet Lillian, we recruited them to help make leaves!

Friday was a dud. I could not accomplish anything. The fates had determined that I would not make any progress with my day. I'd share the failed emmissions testing, the little infirmary I'm running, but why focus on that? Around 7pm, my still sniffling, coughing daughter told me she was bored. She wanted to paint.

Yes! We decided to give up on the day and paint for FUN. :) She painted a Valentine's Day ball and paddle that got sent home with all her homework. She did a beautiful job! I painted an Alice in Wonderland that I had already drawn a couple weeks ago. We had such a nice, relaxing time and had some good Mommy/Daughter time. She growing up so fast, but she's still a little doll.

So now I have an Alice to go with a Bunny girl Lillian asked me to make. And my bee girl sold! I'm so tickled that she'll be hanging on someone else's wall! :)

Hugs to all!


LW said...

What a cute room.....
And a spa party,
what fun..


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Mere, what a delighful room, I admire your patience for making all those leaves, I'd have probably given up after half a dozen!
best wishes,
Lucy x

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Mere, I have presented you with an award! Go check out my blog and you will get all the details!


Adriana Whitney said...

Everytime that someone buys something from me I get so excited that someone likes my work and that they will decorate their homes with my art. I love your daughter's room, I also admire your patience.
Hope you have lots of fun this week.