Monday, February 25, 2008

Birds, Bee, and More Girls if You Please!

Happy Monday! I'm going to try and get this post done before Awesome Guy comes home and Madeline decides I've have had enough time to myself. :) The flu has finally left this house and I hope it's left yours too!

First thing to report is that I got my wonderful prize from Dawn at the Feathered Nest! I won her giveaway and she won her contest too! Woohoo! I was SO excited to see this:


I would post what is looks like here, but I'd rather you go over to her blog and check it out for yourself, along with her latest creations! This piece is amazing! The mat is an antique, scrolled detail that you just don't see these days. The girl is lightly colored with her own feather sweet. The brooch at the top is TO DIE FOR! Jewels and crafted makes me wonder who wore this brooch before it came into Dawn's capable hands? Where did she go when she put it on for a special occasion? Play? The pearl buttons are used to hold the hanger and the key...I love old keys! The hanger is so delicate and the lace...what is it's story? She's hanging in my family room right now, but I think she will end up in our bedroom. I have all my wedding/love items in there and she will fit in perfectly. THANK YOU DAWN!!!! xoxo

My second bit of news is that my bee girl is on her way to her new home! In my auction, I said I would wrap her beautifully. After she sold, I remembered that I am the Queen of gift bags! I pulled out my many bins of fabric and came up with this:




I figured she could use it to hold her laptop if she has one, or an art journal, or whatever she fancies! :)

Next up is a peek of what I've been working on. Lillian asked me to make a bunny girl (she has a neat story behind her). I drew a bunch of girls one night and have painted two...Alice and a Fairy wings yet! The books behind them are my favorites...leather bound and SO old. Been in the family forever and hold all the great ones. I used to read them all the time...each page so delicate...yum!
Lastly, but CERTAINLY not least, is an award from Kim at Kim Hart Originals! If you haven't already, you need to check her out! I love her little guys! Thank you Kim! This is my first blog award and I will cherish it! :)

So here is what the award is about:
"This prize has arisen from the daily visits that I dedicate to many blogs which nourish me and enrich me with creativity. In them I see dedication, creativity, care, comradeship, but mainly, ART, much art. I want to share this prize with all those bloggers that entertain me day to day and to share this prize with those who enrich me every day. Doubtlessly, there are many and it will be hard to pick just a few, the people I will name today deserve this prize, as do the very long serious list of bloggers I also enjoy to read, but I will name the first 4 and will leave the rest of the work to all the bloggers that visit other's blogs and are nourished by them.

The rules of passing on this award are as follows:- post award in your own blog: [Post who gave it to you]- indicate its origin and a link to the site. "

These are my picks:

Adri's Art

La La La Illustration

My Collage Art

The Polka Dot Pixie

That was hard! I have lots that I read and need to add more links to my blogs I love section. To those I nominated, I tip my hat to you! :) If you find out about this before I tell you, I'm sorry...Awesome Guy is waiting for me to pull dinner out of the oven...I must run!


Jenn said...

oooh...congrats on your much deserved award! Love that precious bee bag to go with your lovely bee girl:):) And how sweet your little girls are!!! Just adore them!


Lori said...

Hi Mere:) congrats on selling your sweet lil' bee girl and the packaging you made to send her off in is just perfect!!! so cute!!!
congrats on your award!!!
and double congrats on winning Dawn's gorgeous piece of artwork!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Mere! I'm so glad she arrived safely to you sweetie!! Thank you again for helping me win ~ it truly was because of sweet friends that I won....I appreciate your kind words on the artwork, too! xxoo, Dawn

Adriana Whitney said...

Hi! thank you so much for the award. I will put in on my blog now. XOXO

Fete et Fleur said...

You are so lucky to have won Dawn's giveaway. Congratulations! Your little bee girl is wrapped beautifully. I love the bee on the bag.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Well-deserved award, and the little bee-bag is too fun!!

Leanne said...

Hey Mere! Thankyou so much for the award!!! I'll be sure to pass it on! I love the way you sent your beautiful bee picture, there's nothing nicer than recieving something thats been lovingly packaged!


thanks for the sweet really brightened my the little bag you made for your thoughtful.

sUz said...

hi meRe!
Glad the flu has flown away from your household!
Your bee bag is awesome; what a lovely treat for the new owner to go along with the bee beauty!
Your little ones are so sweet!
iN jOy,

SweetAnnee said...

I love the idea of you baby blowing kissed to you
What a joy AND a blessing!!
fondly, Deena


Mere, thanks for the very sweet post...and now that you mention it, I do remember that you had commented on the sewing collages. I have made a couple of sewing albums of late, but I am sure there are more sewing collages in me....hopefully I'll get to the studio this coming week and we'll see what happens :)

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Congrats on your award, Mere! Glad you guys are better, Dawn's package looks lovely, I love visiting her blog, so I will check it out, your bee girl and your bunny girls are great!!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Well deserved award!


SweetAnnee said...

Call me silly, but I cant' find your gift from Dawn.
I love your bee lady.

thanks for coming my to visit me
tis a joy, deena

~dani~ said...

The bee girl and bag are TDF (to die for). Just love them! So, glad you stopped by my blog. I have a Spring Giveaway for anyone who comments on the post with the word Spring in the comment. Thanx, again~ Dani

Diane Duda said...

The bee bag is wonderful!
My fave of this post, however, has to be Alice and her darling teacup pockets!!!


Fete et Fleur said...

Thank you Mere for leaving a comment on my Freedom Post. It is so encouraging and comforting to know others care. I felt the hug!

Blessings! Nancy

Sabii Wabii said...

I love the whimsical look of your artwork.
Great idea with the Michaelangelo study. I just told my Hubbie about it for his art class.
What's with the naked guy at the Renn faire? :)