Wednesday, June 18, 2008

For a Little Explorer...

How cute is this little guy?? He is the son of a LONG time friend of ours. The kind of friend that you know will always be a friend, not matter where you live, or what you are doing. The kind of friend that always greets you with a smile and a "Hey Guys!" Our fabulous friend and his equally fabulous wife (who sings cool is that?!) were blessed with an adorable son, Keegan.

They found a wallpaper border that they loved, called Cubby the Explorer. I believe it is discontinued now. They liked it because they thought about how their little guy has a whole new world to explore and how exciting all that newness is.This is our gift to him. I tried to make it match the bears as best as I could. I have the bears on hand for my parties and Lillian stuffed it for him.

We got the clothes at Build a Bear and I embroidered his name on the cap. He is not attached so he can come down and explore Keegan's new room and play.
This is the night light, fireflies with vellum wings, sticks, and leaves.
Welcome little Keegan! Better get's a big, big world!


Kim Hardt Originals said...

What a sweet little guy! Your gift matches perfectly. I love how you monogrammed the hat with his name. Great idea.


Kari & Kijsa said...

What a cutie- and fabulous gift for him too!!

kari & kijsa

Lisa M Griffin said...

What a beautiful gift and keepsake. How thoughtful of you and I just adore the fireflies in the jar. Really lovely item.

Ginger said...

I just adore the fireflies in the jar.That little guy so cute.You come up with the best ideas love your blog !lovely thought monagramming the hat.