Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Love Crackles and Wallpaper

Hey all! :) Here are some goodies that went out. My bluebird giveaway, just because gift to a fellow blogger, and Caroline's 100 year birthday card were among them. I recently got my hands on some wallpaper books and am loving them. I sewed these envelopes with my machine. Here is Caroline's card. It's a collage made with more wallpaper, one of my girls, and even a fabric swatch! I don't know if you can see it, buy she's holding the number 100.
Lillian wanted to put her little touch on it too. I put our picture in it because I thought she might like to know who it came from. :)
Here's my new item on etsy! It was a tarnished silver frame. Tarnished because who has time to polish? Plus, when I used to (I used to work in the china department in a department store), I hated it....I always used too much and could never get it off again!
It's painted and crackled and looks like REALLY old wood. Even the velvet backing has been aged. What's in the middle? Why more wallpaper of course!

I'm off to buy embroidery floss...awesome guy tried to pick it up for me since I'm watching some of the neighborhood kids and can't get out...Walmart doesn't carry it anymore! He went to three Walmarts and a Joann's, but it was closed by the time he got there! Poor guy!

On a family note, Lil's ballet recital is coming up soon and she won't take her "real" ballerina shoes off...it's the cutest! Hugs to all!

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