Sunday, September 13, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation Part 2

Well, HELLLLLOOOO there! Madeline Mae here to give you the second and last part of what we did on our summer vacation! Mommy would be here to tell you herself- she feels bad for being away so long, but August was a crazy month for us! Lots of car repairs and a couple surgeries (Daddy and our puppy dog) kept her away from the 'puter. She did paint and squish stuff around a lot though...I know because I painted along with her. I LOVE painting.
She promises to show you all the little witches she's made soon! That's what I want to be for Halloween you know! Mommy said I could dress up as anything I want and people will give me CANDY...can you believe that?!
We took a very little trip to the beach! Since we are 6 hours away, we camped out nearby! I love tents...they are fun to run in and out of. Sissy even showed me how to play with her DS. I wanna be like her someday...
The beach is SO much fun! I only went to the water once...the waves were a little scary, but I did catch a couple of them. I kicked them and said, "Bad water, bad!" The rest of the day I played in the sand and all my toys with my friends, Katlind and Lucas. They are cool!
We went to Mission Beach...isn't it pretty?
Here is sissy with Kay Kay. I LOVE Kay Kay. Sissy is pretty cool too.
Mommy couldn't get over the was SO pretty. It was her birthday and she was so happy to be there with Daddy, us, and her grown up friends Miss Holly and Mister Dan and their kids! They even brought dinner at the fire pit and a cake too! Thank you Miss Holly! It was yummy!
Mommy thought it couldn't get any prettier...until she saw THIS:
That wraps up our summer...onto this Halloween thing and lots of fall fun! Mommy promises the next posts will have lots of paintings and sculptures, and thrifty finds too! :)
What's your favorite beach story? What's the prettiest beach you've been to?
Have a good day! From Madeline Mae! :)


slommler said...

It is a beautiful beach! It has been so long that I have been on a beach that I have almost forgotten. It was Wilmington Beach, South Carolina. Fabulous time there!!
Can't wait to see your witches.

julie Haymaker thompson said...