Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Aww...Poor Jack

Poor Jack.

Left all alone in the pumpkin patch.

Like the awkward kid in gym class, he has not been picked to grace a happy home on Halloween.

OH, how he longed to be choosen. To have children deliberate on what kind of face he should have. Alas, that was not his fate.

So what's a Jack to do when life hands him a head full of pumpkin seeds and guts?


Okay...I know it doesn't sound so nice, but actually it is quite painless. Pumpkins are used to getting carved, you know...and they tend to like it.

And THIS way, Jack was able to choose what kind of face he would have HIMSELF, and being a bit of control freak, he is very happy about that.

He's not quite finished yet...he's almost there. But you can see from the look on his face that he is thinking to himself, "Hey! This is turning out GREAT!" Special thanks to my hubby, who drew me a sketch and said, "Make this!"

To which I did, and we stayed up very late to finish him. We took a video too, so that you can see what he looks like all light up and flickering.

Please excuse my slurred, sleepy voice in the video below. I swear, no alcohol was involved in the making of this Jack...just lots and lots of time!

He's on ebay, along with more pictures and jokes that I couldn't resist making. I get VERY chatty with my ebay auctions. LOL


slommler said...

Jack is wonderful. And I think his solution of carving his own face is terrific!!!

Jan said...

Poor Jack is right..:)
I found you while blog hopping and have enjoyed your blog!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

oh what a unique and wonderful piece!!! soo cleaver!!!

in the light of the moon said...

Jack is just wonderful.Thank you so much for sharing.Cat

The Vintage Sister said...

Wow! He's amazing and what a clever idea! Love the attention to detail.

cora said...

Ah love it, so cut and creative.