Friday, October 09, 2009

Introducing Sir Maxwell Webbington the 3rd!

Isn't it SO exciting when summer turns to fall?! Our fall is probably a lot different from yours, but if I imagine hard enough, I can put myself back on the east coast, where rust colored leaves fall like snow as I drive through the windy, shaded roads. All it takes to bring me back there is for it to be cool enough to put the window down, feel that little chill, and smell someone's barbeque smoking. Ahhhh... Fall is my FAVORITE season and Halloween my FAVORITE holiday!

My mind is bUrStInG with ideas for Halloween little creatures and things. I am in a mad dash to get them all out before it is too late. Girls, I don't think I am going to make it!

I did, however, accomplish a lot yesterday and wanted to share with you my progress. First, some of you might remember my spider girl I did a year ago? Well, every spider lady needs a spider suitor right? I mean, isn't life more exciting when you have someone wooing you? Not wanting to leave her lonely, allow me to introduce Sir Maxwell Webbington the 3rd!

See his spats?! He is also sporting an orange tuxedo ruffle shirt and a crumbled, yet still stylish top hot!
A suitor always comes bearing gifts, but flowers are of no use to my spider lady. Sir Maxwell knows better and can be seen here presenting fresh, dead flies! See the x on each eye...catch of the day I tell you! :)

Little side note: I love that with this journey I can do the unexpected. However, it makes your stories kind of odd to other people that don't get it. Like once, I was telling a friend a story and it started with, "I was making detective capes and..." She outright started laughing and said, "How often does someone start out a conversation saying they were making dectective capes?!" I see her point and it has stuck with me over time. While I think life is more interesting the way I am living it now, I know I'll get a similar reaction if I tell anyone but you all about the time I was making dead flies and my hands kept shaking while putting on the wings! It was frustrating, but also funny a game of operation!

So anyway, thanks for listening to my odd stories!

Here is a WIP photo...this is the one my hubby drew for me! He is so talented on so many levels, especially with wood. I draw him a picture and he will make it for me in wood. This time, he drew me a sketch and wanted me to make it. It is awfully nice to return the favor!
For now, it is just a race against time. Will it dry fast enough to finish before it's too late? At least I have the remnants of an Arizona summer on my side!

Have a great day ladies! Make it count! :)


mystele said...

you just rock.

Kelly said...

Mr. Webbington is awesome. What self-respecting spider girl could resist such a carming fellow and thoughtful too. Love the detail of the flies.
Good luck with getting all your ideas done in time. I'm in a similar spot. Plus will soon be raking all those charming, lovely leaves...;^)

slommler said...

I love Mr. Webbington!! He is fabulous!! And the WIP looks terrific!! "Can't wait to see it!
I hear you about conversation starters. LOL!! I have so doozies too!