Monday, November 09, 2009

Busy as a bee and...

...I have so much to tell you!! :)
First off, I was interviewed this last weekend by one of my favorite bloggers...Jennifer Rizzo of Sanctuary Art for her Women Who Create series. If this is your first time visiting me, WELCOME!! :) If not, thanks for coming back! :) If you have not been to Jen's blog yet, you must go see what this wonderful woman can do with discarded furniture and a gallon of paint! Her blog is full of great tutorials too! I want her home, I really do! :) Thank you for such an honor Jen!

Secondly, I'm sorry for being MIA, but that show wore me OUT! In two days, I had 1.5 hours sleep! It went well, but I'd have to say it is a lot easier to sell online than in person. I'm still glad I did it though!

It was so much fun to meet so many people and see their reactions to our booth. One sweet lady even sat down with us and we enjoyed a nice long talk! Here are some photos from our booth.
My friend, Jeri, did the landscapes and abstracts, and all the little nifty home decor items. She has a blog now...finally! :) She is one of my best friends, and we have a blast on our designated art day that we have once a week! We are now getting ready for our next show, Briar Patch, on the 27th. Come and see us if you can!

Here are some of my latest pieces. I'm also busy working on a peppermint candy girl for a PWGL's been fun! :)

A Good Laugh is Sunshine in a House

She Has Stolen His Heart

This is from a photo I took of a birdhouse at a round barn in Frederickburg, Texas. The barn looks like the birdhouse!

You have to love Jodi Messina! :)

The Late Rabbit's Portrait

My first Christmas angel for the season. Real glass glitter on her wings!

Lastly, I'm so excited to tell you that I heard back from Stampington! They want to do a feature on Alice for Art Doll Quarterly!!! The owner of Alice was even so kind to drive her over there for her photo shoot! Thank you Suzan! It sure makes a girl feel lucky and blessed, that is, once I got over the shock! lol

Thanks again for stopping next post will be on our Mommy/Daughter date at BlissFest!

Have a great day all!


Jen R. said...

Everything looks great! Thanks for being featured!

Jeanne said...

Your booth looks great! And I bet you had tons of fun!

Just read your interview! Wow! I felt inspired just reading it.

And a huge CONGRATULATIONS is in order about Alice! WooHoo! I'll have to have you autograph my issue. :0)


slommler said...

The booth looked wonderful. I am glad you had a blast!! Love your pieces too!! Nice!!!

Jeanne said...

Had to come back and tell you that your two sweeties are adorable! :0)

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Mere! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! It's so nice to catch up with your lovely art & blog too! Congrats on all your wonderful projects! Can't wait to see your precious Alice in the magazine! Love the layout of your booth. It must have been a blast to do the event with your best friend. Your latest creations are all magical! Your Christmas Angel is beautiful and I just loved Jack carving himself! So cool! Have a great week!

Lisa :)

MagicMarkingsArt said...

your booth looks awesome as does your artwork. love your new pieces! congratulations for the pay offs on all your hard work.

Lori Garbarino said...

I just love everything you make! You are a precious soul! I got my sister hooked on your art! I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!!

The music montage that should go with this comment is Papparazi by Lady Ga Ga! HAHAHAHAHAHA!



julie Haymaker thompson said...

No wonder you are exhausted what a wonderful awsome group of art !!! rest up and do more!!!