Monday, November 23, 2009

Peppermint Bliss

Well, hello ladies! :) How is everyone today? I can't believe it has been so long since my last post! I've been working like crazy to get ready for Briar is this FRIDAY!!! Time has just flown by!

But first, Bliss Fest!! This event was put on by the store Domestic Bliss in Mesa- a store that is full of eye candy! Allow me to introduce to you a few of my favorite bloggers/artists. First, there is Tricia, from Vintage Bliss. She makes wonderful items and has great little vintage items too! :)Next up is Julie Haymaker Thompson...she is one of my all time FAVORITES!! I am so glad she moved to Arizona and I can't wait to take one of her classes. Seriously folks, check her out- she rocks with a capital R! And now I have a piece of my own! :)Ironically, another one of my favorites is her cousin, Beth Quinn! Creativity and talent must run in the family! I admit to not being a big fan of jewelry, but that is just NOT the case when it comes to Beth! I had been drooling over her necklaces long enough and finally got one of my own! She has the best sayings right in her pendants. Mine says, "She loves her journey." How perfect is that?! Such an optimistic you can believe when you are happy with the way things are in your life, but also when things are hard because it is the hard times that gets you to the good's all part of the journey! :)I also got to visit with Michelle of Mosaic Cottage. I have definitely talked about her before! She is putting those antique doll heads on her cupcakes now...pure heaven! Each artist was just as sweet as was a such a treat to go! :) I mean, really, how lucky am I to have all these artists right here in my part of town?! It's like Esther Smith being excited about the Worlds Fair being in St. Louis! Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch this!

Our little outing also served as a Mommy-Daughter date. So the icing on the cupcake was that I got to share it all with my little girl who is not so little anymore. Can she be eight already???Now to what has been consuming all my time lately...the show! The sad part is, I have no plan. What I make anyway is so random...I have so many WIPs I'm just trying to finish them all and throw some paintings in with all the cupboards and scrap wood I've been hoarding. It has been very satisfying to go through my stash...which is way too large even though I've been extremely thrifty in how I have gotten it, and using only what I have. I really want to get some sewing done...I have an antique red velvet bedspread that is just amazing and patiently waiting to be turned into something else. I know I'll never get it all done in time, but I'm still determined to try! :) I may never do this show again and want to make the most of it!

In searching for ideas, I remembered this photograph that I love. These are Dave's grandparents, Florence & Pete. I hear they were a very cute couple....looks like it doesn't it? :)
Pete died when my hubby was just a newborn, but Florence is just as devoted to him now as she was then. I wanted to do a folky version of the photo and here it is: Not my regular face, I know! It wasn't planned, but I liked how it looked and decided to stop. Kind of funky I think!
A Goodwill makeover: I would love to live in white and weather house in the country like this!
I'll post tomorrow about my Peppermint Girl...this post has gotten a bit long. Thanks for sticking through to the end!
Have a happy day!
P.S. I posted this on my facebook, but through this process, I have noticed that I have an art quirk! I have to work on three things at a time in order to be happy when creating. Sure it gives things time to dry, but why three? Don't know! It made me curious though, as to what other art quirks might be out there....what is YOURS? :)


mystele said...

everything looks so awesome!!!

slommler said...

Your pieces look fabulous!! A quirk huh? Well...I work best at 4AM in my pj's!! LOL!!