Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A bit of Arizona spring for you all :)

There has been a call for Spring in Blogland. I've read it everywhere! You poor peeps! When we aren't sweating to death down here, it is spring the rest of the time. So from me to you, my dear friends, here are some signs of spring.

A flowering tree...


A lamb that was born right in front of our eyes!! Amazing!


TARTANIC!!! Yes, this means spring to us...we see them every year at the Ren Faire.

They are SOOO good, I can't even tell you! You can't be sad listening to their celtic music. I actually lost my voice cheering for them. They put on a great show! They are so friendly too! :)


Yes...these are barbarians head banging to Tartanic. It was a unique day. :)

I put this up on flickr to post here and immediately got a comment...but it's in German or something. lol There was an Irish dancer who jumped out of the crowd and started dancing. Just a regular member of the audience like us, but the music moved her to dance...she was incredible! I didn't know feet could move that fast!~


Okay, this is not spring, but this is what has kept me from posting lately. I hosted that Star Wars party I mentioned before...don't they all look like little Annakins? So cute! They were a great bunch of kids and so brave too! (We had a live bug game!) Who's the handsome Jedi Master giving them saber training? Why, that's Awesome Guy!! He was a dear to help me out... I guess a Genie isn't a credible as a Jedi Master when it comes to Jedi Training! :)


Afer a long week, Lillian and I relaxed to a nice art day! That is her Singer...cute huh? I taught her how to use it while I finished my Bunny Girl.

I know! Can you believe it? I can't! I thought I'd be drowning in Star Wars props forever! She is done, though, and I will post about her next. Along with a response to an award and a tag!

Just didn't want you thinking that I jumped off the face of the earth! :)

Have a lovely night all! :)




thanks for the update and the slice of spring....we are still longing for some warmth....BTW....I should have a sewing collage on ebay by the weekend....that said, I better get going on it !!!

sUz said...

hi meRe!
So glad you're back!
Thanks for the bit of spring - and look at all those young jedi, wOw. They must have had a great time or at least equally as good as the celtic headbangers!
iN jOy,

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

I was down in the Valley for meetings last week and earlier this week and I must agree that the weather is glorious. The drive down was great too,the greenest desert I have seen in a long time.It's still chilly up here but getting better!