Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to Have a Fairy Hunt Part 2

Step 3: Look for fairy can usually find it where a fairy has sat, danced, or flown. Follow the trail of dust and you never know what you might find!

A fairy CLEARLY rested on this rock...and quite recently too!The trail of fairy dust led us to a small fairy ring, and a few other little nooks. But the GASP didn't come until she saw the chair and tables. There was even a fairy book that was hastily left behind! It was a us snoops, but we just HAD to read it! The diary belonged to a fairy named Shimmer. She just moved here to get away from a gnome that was stealing all her fairy dare he! She was currently living with some baby bluebirds, but they were growing so fast she was running out of room. We saw the mommy bird earlier that day! In her last entry, she wished for a home of her own.Madeline, what did YOU find?A canoe! Or as Lillian first called it, a Kazoo!

Step 4: Leave a gift for the fairy.

Lillian made this house all by herself. She painted each wall a different color...even blended them too. There is a bed inside and she decorated it with little baubles from around the house. Broken bits of this and that, but that were still beautiful. The magic keyhole we put on all the fairy houses we make. This glass bauble lets Shimmer know the house is hers and that Lillian made it for her. The glue was still drying, so wasn't clear yet.The door is hinged with fabric scraps and the doorbell is a jinglebell hung from an earring.Two charms that have fallen off and a bit from a broken tiara adorn the top of the house.

Ranger Marian has offered to look after Shimmer's house and keep it in good repair. Later Shimmer wrote a response to the note Lillian left in her diary...thanking her for the house and offering the diary as a gift. Here's a video Lillian wanted to make for you all about her little fairy house.

I highly suggest that one day, you go on a fairy hunt of your own! :)


Heather said...

how sweet! that house is adorable, she did a fantastic job!

Jen r. said...

Very cute. That little house is great! My girl's would love this!


you're helping your daughters to make wonderful memories....good for you :)

Fantastic Figments said...

oh my heart how sweeeetttt.... You have very sweet girls. Their imaginations will be unstoppable! Good for you. And thank you for the sweet message last week it really meant a lot. Have fun!


Candace said...

Holy Mackerel. This is fantastic, Mere! She did a great job and the video... I am still in awe about it! And that concept is called glamouring, isn't it. (All of us in Athens were yakking about this very thing this weekend!)

Faerie rings, and Faerie houses in the woods where mortals suddenly "see" their signs -- excellent job.

NeereAnDear said...

What a darling post

Darling little girl and love her sweet little fairy house...

Very neat way to have fun time with your little one...clever