Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just What Have I Been Doing Anyway? :)

Hello Ladies! :)
I wanted to show you what I managed to finish while I've been drowning in work, laundry, and leading Lillian's new Daisy troop! First, a bit of paperclay! I have witches in progress, but could just not NOT work on this little bunny couple!
I think they are called Make-Dos? It was really fun piecing this together. The candlesticks were once brass, but are now dark brown and aged. The egg they are sitting in was from Lillian's Easter basket. The bust is also made of Easter eggs. The couple are wearing HANDMADE lace that I bought at an antique store in Big Bear, Ca and dyed them with tea. The buttons are from Lillian's baby clothes...how fun is that?
The eggs were covered in vintage text, but the back was really fun. Those swirls are embossed and you can see the letters peeking through underneath. The bunnies are aged and softly tinted. I like that it would be good for Easter, but could also sit out all year because it doesn't scream holiday. It is listed on etsy as a set and they are more close-up pictures there too.

Next, my painting collage of Alice...all grown up!

Even though Alice probably would have loved to stay young and play in Wonderland everyday, she grew up as all little girls do. That does not mean, however, that she forgot about those times chasing that lovely rabbit! If you look at her skirt, you can see that part of Wonderland is always on her mind!

Even though Alice grew up, she still manages to sneak away from her adult life and visit wonderland every now and then. She leaves the laundry, the cooking, and the stress to travel to that other world, have a very merry unbirthday, and allow herself to be a little girl again...even if just for a little while. Here she is, contemplating yet another adventure.

Were you a little girl once too? Alice wants to remind you to always take some time out for yourself and allow that little girl to come out every now and then and refresh your spirits. After all, if you're not going to have fun now...just WHEN will you have it?


mystele said...

lovely, lovely work!

Sherry said...

Mere, I love the make-so bunnies...how clever to use these pieces and come up with this!!

And a grown up Alice? She looks very "sexy"!! ;) I think in some ways I'm still a little girl -- and I hope I never lose that!

~dani~ said...

Seriously Good bunnies!! Very impressive. I really enjoy seeing your work and where you go with it. keep em coming!! ;)
xoxo's dani~

Suzanne said...

Very cute new creations! Love the bunnies!