Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to Have a Fairy Hunt

Step 1: Find a forest that has reported sightings of fairies and set up camp. Walk around, scope the place out and let the fairies get used to you being there. We went to Upper Lake Mary.
Madeline, feeling the heat of the fire, just like silly Grampy! She also bonded with the men by sitting in her tweety chair, crossing her legs, and sticking her hands in her pants, but I couldn't seem to get a picture of that. See what men will do when left to their own devices?! lol

Here's a video of our campfire to get you in the mood!

Step 2: Dress so that the fairies know that you are a friend to their kind. We picked flowers and made ridiculously large hair garlands. The girls dressed in white to show their innocence and purity of heart. Looks a whole lot better with the garland than a camping sweatshirt too! lol

Remember I did say RIDICULOUSLY big! The face is priceless...someone has not learned how to pose yet. lol I take what I can get! :)To be continued!

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Candace said...

Just wonderful! Your girls have inspired me... human children looking for the Faerie Folk.