Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Please help! :0

I can't seem to get my header to show ever since I changed to three columns. Has anyone had this problem before? Would anyone be willing to help me out? Thanks!


Jen r. said...

You might have to reupload it....you probably have already tried it, right?

NeereAnDear said...

I dont know anything about it... but you could ask sadie olive.... at www.sadieolive.com ....she designs headers and websites and blogs.... she may be able to help you.... I am not good at that kind of stuff.... if I can think of anyone else I will ask



Fantastic Figments said...

You might want to ask Danita. I know she has a three teir blog. Have to tried to center it? hmm not sure... you could always email blogger for help (I know a hassle, but sometimes it is the only way). Also make sure the size of your header is compatible with your new layout. If it is too big it won't load properly.