Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Giveaway II Winners :)

Hello Bloggers! :) I've missed you! I had work to finish and commitments I made at Lillian's school to meet, but I am back! Woohoo!

Before I go off to reply to your comments, I wanted to post the winners of my 2nd giveaway, the one for my blogaversary. :) Drumroll please......



Dapoppins wins the print!

Ketelcopia wins the $15 gift card!

Congratulations ladies! :) I wrote all the kindred spirits that follow my blog, the comments I received, and then the ones who posted about it on their blog. Dapoppin's kindred spirit entry was drawn and #46, one of Trish's entries for posting about the giveaway, was the one other one that drawn! Thank you to all who entered! It would be so cute if you dropped by and saw these lovely ladies to congratulate them! :)

The next post will be a feature on a very sweet artist that I have one of those 6 ways to Kevin Bacon kind of connections! :) Who will it be? Can you guess? And then! An announcement that I am SO excited about!

Til then...I was writing a friend and thinking about all the scary economy stuff that is going on right now. It made me think of the depression in the 30's. Do you know what people did then to escape all their scary economy stuff? They went to the movies and saw Shirley Temple. She dazzled them, she shared her talent, and they left with lighter hearts than they came in with. That's what you are to me, my Shirley Temples. Too much television news and I hop on here to be dazzled, to be in awe of your talent, and I leave with a lighter heart than I came in with.

Thank you. Here is a little Shirley Temple for you! :)


Dapoppins said...

I won a PRINT? FROM YOU? are you teasing?

Oh. I love you. And I love animal crackers too.

and I know how you feel about getting dragged down with the news. It is good to come to blog land and find such color and creativity.

Anonymous said...

I really love Shirley Temple movies. I keep trying to get my two youngest girls to love them too, but they are just not there yet.

I can see why people would go see Shirley when they are down!

Geralyn Gray said...

That's what Saturday's were all about---thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories. I liked it for the circus theme today, too!