Monday, March 23, 2009

He is the Fred to My Wilma

Thursday was our 9 year married, 15 year "together" anniverary! He is the Fred to my Wilma! :) This picture is from 2006...taken just south of the Grand Canyon in a tourist attraction called Bedrock. I was last there when I was just three years's SO much fun! It's the whole town, even has its own movie theater, and dinosaur for you to slide down when you are finished with work.

We love the Flintstones. When Lil was born she looked just like Pebbles. Her first birthday party was a Flintstones party and we were all in costume. Lil to the bone in her hair, me with the raggedy white skirt, and Awesome Guy in well, bright orange fur. My one friend told me the next day that after they left, her husband turned around and said, "Hey must REALLY love her." I love him for putting up with all my crazy ideas, some willingly, and some not so willingly. Teehee. The things we do to make each other happy!

The one thing I know is that this is a man that I can have fun with. Who puts up with my art supplies everywhere and doesn't blink when I make bunnies in October and Santas in February. Who dances with me on stage at the Big Bang in Tempe, and loves festivals and road trips. Who's so incredibly smart and can make me laugh like no other...especially when he quotes from movies at the just the right moment. :) He's a great friend, husband, and father. Love you honey!

Yabbaa Dabba Doo!

P.S. This is what we did for our date out! It was SO much fun!


Giggles said...

You are truly blessed.... I have a group of friends and we are kind of crazy fun like that too!! It's a wonderful gift that teaches your children how to have creative fun! I prided myself on raising my daughter to have creative fun without costing a fortune. Many of her friend were so far removed from knowing how to do that!

Peace Giggles

KarenHarveyCox said...

Hi, this is so cute. I just love your style. Thank you, I just received your prints and they are gorgeous. I finished my post called You've Got Mail tonight and I feature your prints, your adorable video, and the links to your etsy shop and your blog.

I love the note on the envelope!


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Mere! Happy Anniversary! I loved your post! You and your husband are a perfect match!

Thanks for your sweet message on my blog! Have a great weekend!

Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!



The Vintage Sister Studio said...

What a nice post!
Happy Anniversary to you both:)

Tammy said...

TOO CUTE. sounds like you have the perfect relationship. Congrats.