Sunday, April 05, 2009

Viv on a Whim's Egg Swap and Hunt

Have you ever had one of those days? Where everything you tried to do didn't work out? That was today for me. Today is the BIG day to show the eggs we made and recieved as a result of Viv on a Whim's Egg Hunt and Swap. We had to make two eggs and send them to her to then send to our secret partner. Today everyone's posts will reveal who's egg is who's. One problem...a certain two year old got a hold of my camera and deleted my egg photos! I felt bad about posting just a wordy description and wasn't sure what to do until...

Blogland to the rescue! My partners not only posted photos of what they sent, but a photo of the eggs I sent as well! YAY! So forgive me for cheating and posting their photos, but it is all I can do today. So without further ado...

These are the eggs that I made. I loved making them, especially how the colors are muted and blended and then stained. Fun, fun, fun! :) The nest was made out of fabric strips. They have a new home with the Faerie Wysperer...I hope she likes them!Now for the eggs that have a new home with ME. :) First up is a tea cozy!! Can you believe that?! You all know my fascination with tea parties...can't seem to stop painting about them! I have the perfect teapot that has been dying to get all cozied up! Look at how much work went into it! I appreciate every stitch! Thank you so much Little Black Crow!The next egg was from Lisa from Faerie Enchantment, which is SO neat because it was only a couple weeks ago that I discovered her blog and joined her Carnival Soiree! Such a gifted artist and such a beautiful egg! I am a fan of Marie as well and this egg brings back all those lovely images of the movie. I am SO happy to have this egg from my new friend! Thank you Lisa! :)
Please do yourself a favor and stop by these and all the other blogs involved in Viv's Swap...I found some new ones to subscribe to...maybe you will too! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I put up three pieces on ebay today and have 5 pieces to put on etsy this week. Thanks for visiting me today...I'm so glad you stopped by! :)


Puddle of Grace said...

I'm glad you were able to use one of my photos... hence being able to find out who did ours since she hasnt posted yet... Hope she is well... have fun hopping down the bunny blog trail!

vivian said...

hi meredith! I'm glad you joined the swap and that you liked the things you recieved! I love!!! the tea cozy.. wanted to keep it for myself! And the eggs you made, OMG! they are wonderful too! I could not split them and send them to two different people because they needed to be together!
thanks for joined the swap and have a sweet week!

Geralyn Gray said...

I love the tea cozy and Lisa hasn't posted yet---so the Marie eggs were hers-----aren't they great??? You are so lucky----the Marie egg I saw on someone elses and I loved it---mystery solved now as to who made them.

AwtemNymf said...

Yay! I found you! I got your beautiful eggs and they're nestled nicely on my egg display (and collection) on my walk-in table. I change this table and decorate according to the seasons and celebrations! I lurrve my eggs. So creative! Thank you so much :O) Yippy- I found you!
*leaves a faerie dust trail- I've been by*
Happy Hoppy Hunting!

Little Lovables said...

ve your eggs, they have a dramy effect to them! And the ones you got are precious!

Krissysart said...

I love the eggs you made! They are so sweet and classy. And that tea cozy is divine. How lucky are you to have it. I want one! I collect tea pots and that would be adorable.
Have a great day!

faerie enchantment said...

Your eggs are absolutely beautiful!
Everyone did such an amazing job!
I'm so glad you received my egg, hope it brings you much magic and joy!
So excited!

auntrene said...

Hi, I am out looking around from Prim and Whimsey. I have seen lots of eggs on the websites no Golden one.. hmmm.. I love the tea cozy you received. Super talented. Have Fun, Happy Easter.

NeereAnDear said...

I love your eggs... the ones you made are quite lovely....especially the texture and the blending that you did

And what you received... equally lovely as well.... Very talented ladies...


Malissa said...

I'm a bit late blog hopping, but I'm still enjoying getting to see all of the cute eggs and all of the wonderful blogs out there! Your eggs are adorable and looks like you received some really cute ones, too!

BlackCrow said...

I finally found the tea cozy! I did drop by earlier but must have been a little too early. I did wonder if my recipient would have a tea pot the right size, so happy that you do! Enjoy it! At the moment it is the only one in the world until I make my own!
Off to look at your etsy shop.