Saturday, April 04, 2009

Who's in the Mood for an Egg Hunt?

Ooooooooohh...I can barely hold my excitement! Prim and Whimsy is doing an egg hunt and my dear, sweet friends...they are having a giveaway just for you! :)

Here is how you enter:

I donated items for the baskets and entered the Easter Egg Parade as well. You might remember this make-do set. I dressed it up some on the link for a bigger picture. There is lovely, delicious glitter inside the egg now and each has a creamy satin ribbon too! It is now up on ebay, along with some paintings too!So won't you please join in on the egg hunt? Just go to Prim and Whimsy to pick your favorite egg. If that just happens to be mine, then that's just icing on the cake! :) And don't forget to search for that Golden Egg! I hope you win! :)

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