Friday, June 05, 2009

Allowing Yourself to Bloom! :)

Good Morning Ladies! :) I want to thank you for stopping by and thank you for all your recent comments! I save them all to reply to or come visit you on your blog. I really enjoy seeing what you are up to, in art and in life as well. I got so wrapped up in a visitor's blog yesterday, I'd like to find a way to feature those that follow my blog...there are just so many amazing women out there and everything you share is such a gift to me. :) Can you tell I'm loving blogland? :)

Anyway, I have another painting to share with's different, but I think the way it came about it is kind of neat.

I was waiting in line at McDonald's when a gardener came up and started hacking at an oleander bush. It was a beautiful bush, flowering and round growing along an already bare fence.

He chopped and hacked this gorgeous bush into a rectangle, cutting off all of the blooms. I watched in amazement as someone was getting paid to make something look worse, not better.

It frustrated me because that bush is meant to bloom! It's meant to flower and be a source of beauty for us and whatever pollinating insects would happen to come by as well.

It made me think about how people do the same things to themselves. They try to fit themselves into a box. More often than not it is used as an excuse.

"I can't make art, I'm _____."

"I couldn't possibly do the thing I most desire most- I am a mom, accountant, woman, ______."

There were things that you were meant to do on this planet during this time, right now. You are fighting nature just like that gardener if you keep trying to put yourself in a box and have perfect 90 degree hair.

You were meant to grow in all directions, and you can flower in all directions too.

My hope for you, as well as myself, is that we not limit ourselves and try new things. The thing you may be meant to do may be something you've never tried before. How sad it would be if we missed any of that.

The result of my time in the drive through was some added inches to my thighs and oh yeah, this painting! Maybe the next painting should be a girl who is blooming!

Are you blooming? Have you found what you're meant to do? What thrills your soul? Are you at least having fun trying? I'd love to hear all about it!


Misplaced Minnesotan said...

Great thought-provoking art and statement :)

Kelly said...

The painting is absolutely eye-catching. I lovelove it. It makes me think of pieces I've seen at museums in's very evocative on it's own...and then I read your statement and Click!
Very thought provoking...

Tammy said...

Mere, great post. It is all too true. No More Boxes!!!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Mere! What a lovely post! Great painting! I love what it represents! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Have a wonderful week sweetie!

Lisa :)