Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Going to be cooking today for the men in my life! :) Here's the post I did last year for Father's's worth repeating!
Have a great day everyone! :)

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Ashlyn said...

Mere you were so right!! It was worth repeating!! I love the poem and the adorable pictures!!

I also, cooked for the men in my life on father's Day. I made Crockpot Harvest Porkchops and roasted vegetable orzo to go with it. boys won't eat orzo, so I made Gabe macaroni and Isaac mashed potatoes and then corn for there vegetable. I know they are not Daddies themselves yet but....Father's Day to me, is more a celebration of ALL the men in my life rather than just the Dads! :) And they're spoiled. LOL
Hugs, Ashlyn