Friday, June 19, 2009 was your day?

Hello Dolls! How was your day? Did you attack that never ending to-do list? Blow it off and play hookey doing something fun? Tell me about it! I'd love to know! :)

Here's what happened in this house:

Packed and shipped off some paintings...Lillian helped with this one...she wants to learn. Since I'm new to it all, we are figuring it out together. :)
Can you guess which one this box was for?Worked on our silly faces and played with Little People...this might as well be a picture of me as a kid. :)Worked on my Alice story doll...hey didn't that Queen of Hearts say, "Off with her head?!" I better make one...quick!Started a girl bonding tradition with my Lil. She was all light up inside over this!! My girl is growing up!

Your turn! :)


Kelly said...

Your day looks like so much fun.
I also had a crowd of 'little people' and the very same little house and, coincidentally, the same sort of funny face in my house. I watch my 2 year old nephew, Brian, three days a week.
On those days my front hall is 'little people town'; the back hall has a tent full of toys and the kitchen floor becomes a parking lot. The only art that gets done here is the sidewalk chalk or colouring book variety.
Still, it's so much fun to watch this little person exploring the joys of being a little person...

Ashlyn said...

I love that you decorate your mail packages! That is so awesome!! The most I ever do is put a few stamps down on them. Lol Also, about that doll, do you have basic instructions that you could pass along?? My son was standing next to me when I took my first peak and he wants us to make a monster robot together :) I have tons of jars laying around! Oh, and a recipe for your facial cream?!If its homemade) Wow, I just love your day, can I come over? Lol
Hugs, Ashlyn

Jen r. said...

What fun day! Love how you did the package!