Thursday, March 27, 2008

Art on Your Back


These are some of the kids I teach during Art Masterpiece. I have had so much fun with this! Here they are learning what it was like for Michelangelo to paint on ceilings. They all said it was hard, but that they wouldn't mind doing it for four years straight like he did!


I got under the table and drew a picture too. This resulted in a ton of giggles. I love these kids so much...they are great kids. Plus, I get so many hugs when I visit them. :)


This was from the week assisted self portrait using strokes like Van Gogh. The yarn was supposed to fill the background in swirls and things, but they all had their own take on it...good for them!


This is Maddie enjoying the swing for the first time! I don't have a picture from yesterday's lesson, but they listened to a classical musical piece for inspiration for a watercolor. My favorites?

"Worm people climbing up a flower"

"A monster trying to take the colors of a rainbow. Thankfully, the castle is sucking them in!"

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