Thursday, March 13, 2008

An award and a tag! Woohoo!~

Sweet Collen from Frostings and Sparkles gave me the You Make my Day Award!! Thank you Colleen!! Please check her out, you will get hooked like I am!

I pass this on to the the following blogs:

Please forgive me for not making my links all pretty...Maddie has become a permanent fixture on my lap with her other front tooth coming in! Typing with one hand over here! lol

I was tagged too! I look up to The Polka Dot Pixie SOOOO much! I was reading her blog long before I started blogging...and she lives in Arizona too! :)
Thank you for thinking of me! :)

So here are my things....

1. I can pick up an entire room with my feet. My husband thinks I am a freak, but I think it's pretty normal...isn't it? :)

2. I can't scream...when I try to, my volume goes down, not up. Another thing awesome guy thinks is funny. :)

3. I am known for telling long stories. You'd be better off watching the would be faster. I don't think I do it as much anymore, but still get teased for it.

4. I will stay up all night to make something just the way I want it. Except for cleaning...never seems to works for that!

5. I'm teaching Lil's kindergarten class art~! It's fun! Today, we are going to paint like Michelangelo...on our backs! Although I guess he stood too.

6. I saw Mickey Rooney!! He was going to do autographs, but was too tired. I did manage to get him to say hello to Lil though...the only one he spoke to...who can turn down a little girl in her ruby slippers? ;)

I better run or I'll be late for Art Masterpiece! Have a lovely day all! :)


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FrostingsNSparkles said...

Very intersting, Mere! How wild not to be able to yell! I saw Mickey Rooney once too, but got no autograph. He was in a play, and was wearing tights LOL How fun!