Thursday, March 27, 2008

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow, Madeline had her first birthday party!


Oh my baby...she's growing up! I know everyone says this but it went so fast! Makes the moment bittersweet, you know? She had a wizard of oz party, small, some family, some friends, lots of fun! We spent the whole week building a puppet stage and rehearsing with the cousins, good times :) I had bought the rag dolls for her off of ebay a long time ago and they were the perfect puppets.


These are things I made for her room...that is a real clock! Can you guess what it is made of?


There is a diploma too, but not finished. If you guessed paper clay, you are right!


Here is Grammie and Madeline Mae, just before the show starts. She hung in there for all but the last ten minutes...pointing at the dolls, talking to them. She loves puppets!


And bubbles....


Don't we all love bubbles? Glinda bubbles that is? :)


Madeline became curious and wanted to see just who was behind that green curtain. Why it's the cousins! Not to mention, a fun microphone too! She sang along. :)


This was NOT the original was supposed to be oz, yellow brick road, and poppies. It was a pineapple, and she didn't know what poppies were. Good thing I had the mini ruby slippers on a paperclay brick or else you would think it was the 4th of July!


These were the favors...bluebird sachets. I am throwing on into the giveaway! A little present from my baby....


She is still a baby, right?



wow...what a party....I remember when my firstborn turned one...I think I cried....VERY got a tad easier with the second and third....but not much. Thanks for the photos...I've forgotten what green grass looks like....all I still see is SNOW in my yard.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Well if that last photo doesn't tell the whole precious!! 1st birthdays are THE best -- and this one looked wonderful!!!