Thursday, July 17, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Part 2

Hey Girls! Lillian here. Did you ever see that movie, "Night at the Museum?" These little guys come to life at night...isn't that cool?! I don't very know...I wish I could take one home with me. That movie has Mickey Rooney in it! I met Mickey Rooney...Mom and I went to his concert and we were walking to our car when he came out. He said hello to me because I was wearing my ruby slippers. I just love him and Judy Garland too! Mom wakes me up every morning singing their Good Morning song. You know, this one:

This is the courthouse in Auburn. We went there with my Aunt Shannie...she is the coolest! They had this big museum there with old stuff and gold too!

Mom really liked the old stuff...lots of the pictures were weird because they were in cases, but this one is great. It's big enough to take it you want!
We really love to see flowers...this one looks like a sea of roses!

Mommy loves old buildings and I would like to live here...we all would. But then I wouldn't have any cousins to spend the night and what good is that?
We stayed with Aunt Shannie and Uncle Micheal Micheal in their new house! It is SO beautiful! Micheal Micheal loves to play music and played this for Madeline when she came to check out his piano. Mommy just loves how her face lit up as he played. She said it's one of those things she will never forget! Do you know what song it is? We would love to know!

Madeline's Special Song

That's all for now! Mommy can't wait to share pictures of her 3D girls! She is already finished with 2 of them! Kisses!


NeereAnDear said...

AWWWWW she is a cutie!!! Looks like you had fun... and how exciting to meet Micky Rooney..!!wow wow wow

Will be back for a visit soon



Anonymous said...

Loved your visit thanks for sharing!
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